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Psychology Services


Mental Health Care For Individuals

Mental Health Care for Individuals  

Judith can assist with the hearing and discussing of concerns, making sense of them, and caring for people facing the difficulties associated with mental health difficulties across the life span. Such difficulties may have shown themselves in difficulties that are at times termed disorders such as :

  • Depression / Mood Disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma/PTSD/Complex Trauma

  • Prolonged Grief Disorder

  • Substance Use Disorder

  • Adjustment Disorder

  • Eating Disorder

The mental health challenges many people are experiencing are the result of, or complicated by, difficult circumstances of their lives. Judith can provide particular care with those facing a number of life challenges and life losses such as:

  • Deaths of family and/or friends

  • Child death

  • Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

  • Traumatic life circumstances

  • Sudden loss

  • Dealing with personal chronic and serious illness

  • Ageing challenges

  • Effects of natural disasters

  • Relationship/family breakdown or estrangement

  • Carers and families affected by illness or incapacity of a loved one

  • Non-death losses such as relationship breakdown or loss of a dream, business or study failures

Mental Health Plans

People who come for mental health care will often have previously visited their GP to gain a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). People who have an MHCP are able to receive a rebate from Medicare for part of the fees charged for their mental health care. An MHCP is not required to seek support from Judith...

Telehealth Appointments

While I find great value in being able to spend time with you in person, some people find it very difficult to visit the office or feel emotionally unable to do so (at least initially). In such cases, we can discuss the option of meeting with you online using telehealth facilities. Please discuss this possibility with Judith if this may be important in caring for you...


Workshops and Consultancies 

Judith had spent many years training psychologists, counsellors and other health professionals. She has also recognized that in attempting to prevent problems escalating, and so reducing the long-term mental health struggles associated with many adverse life events, we need to work closely in supporting and building the skills of frontline workers such as hospital staff, mental health workers, emergency personnel, social workers, care workers, defence force personnel, teachers, administration staff and carers.


Judith is also devoted to trying to ensure that community organizations and the community at large feel a greater sense of their abilities to care for those facing adversity. As a result, Judith has provided workshops/consultancies for many different organizations. You can access a list of some of these organizations here.


Judith is able to design workshops to meet the needs of your practice or organization. She can consult with you concerning what you seek to achieve for your organization/staff and tailor the workshop to your needs. Topics covered in these workshops have been wide-ranging. Some of the topics of workshops/seminars Judith has provided over the years are noted here.


She has also provided consultations for a number of private organizations and government agencies both in Australia and overseas on various topics.


Judith is an AHPRA Board-approved supervisor for psychologists. She can offer general supervision for registered psychologists and specific supervision for the registrar program in the area of practice of Counselling Psychology.


Unfortunately, Judith does not offer supervision for the 4+2 or 5+1 programs for provisional psychologists.

Sessions & Fees

Face-to-face appointments

50-minute sessions at a cost of $185 for individuals.* Judith is available on Mondays and Tuesdays between the hours of 8am and 4pm at Crestpoint Wellbeing Centre, Mount Gravatt. With prior discussion and approval, there is the potential for later appointments. Please enquire here to book an appointment time. 


Payment Methods

Medicare Rebate for Individual Counselling: If you have a Mental Health Care Plan, you can receive a rebate for each of your approved sessions. You can pay the full amount of $185 per session and claim your Medicare rebate yourself at a later time. Judith can also make the claim on your behalf if you prefer when payment has been made.


Private Health Cover

If you have private health insurance and it covers psychology sessions (often an ancillary benefit) you may be able to receive a rebate for some or all of the fees for each of your sessions. You can pay the full amount of $185 per session and claim your private health insurance rebate yourself at a later time. Please contact your health care fund provider to confirm if you are eligible for such claims on your insurance.

Payment by Invoice

If you prefer, an invoice for your session will be sent to you. You can then pay the full amount yourself to the bank account detailed on the invoice within 14 days. Judith can then assist with making any relevant Medicare claims on your behalf so you will receive your rebate. 


If you need to cancel or postpone the appointment, please give at least 24 hours’ notice. Otherwise, you may be charged a partial fee. It is important that Judith can make use of any cancellations for other people waiting for an appointment. She is unable to do so without your giving her sufficient notice that you have to cancel your appointment. Thank you for your understanding regarding these cancellation needs and fees.

*The Australian Psychological Society (APS) recommended fee for a standard session until 30 June 2024 is $300.

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